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What is HAFA? HAFA is a government-subsidized Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives program for distressed homeowners to sell their homes to avoid foreclosure, even if the sales price is not enough to pay off their existing mortgage loans. Under HAFA, a participating lender will pre-approve the terms of a short sale and give the borrower at […]

What is a Distressed Property

Property on which the mortgages total an amount higher than the current value and an owner must sell. Property that is or will soon be in some stage of the foreclosure process. Property owned by a person who is experiencing a period of financial instability. Property that is in Poor Condition. If you have found […]

Options Available to Aviod a Foreclosure

We have identified 8 available options to avoid a foreclosure. Here are the +’s and -‘s. 1. Mortgage Modification – The reduction of either the interest rate on the loan, the principal balance of the loan, the term of the loan, or all of the aforementioned. + Reduces the payment a homeowner is required to […]

National Real Estate Market Trends

According to a article, February 2009, real estate values around the nation have collapsed and sales of foreclosed and “underwater” homes now dominate many housing markets. A report by, said that nearly 20% of the nations home sales in 2008 were bank repossessed properties. Another 11% were short sales, in which homeowners owed […]