If you don’t know what HAFA or HAMP is, not to worry, we do! Fact is, the Short Sale market is changing with great rapidity and SCSS is moving right along with it.

Over the next 5 years, the real estate market will undergo a dramatic shift in the way business is done.

We can’t expect to lose 9 million jobs and not expect fallout in the real estate industry and more specifically in your local market, the Studio City area.

The Short Sale now accounts for almost half the real estate transactions in many areas of the country and will be with us for the foreseeable future.

We’ve completed numerous short sales in the past 2 years and have expanded our operations to accommodate the expected flood of underwater homeowners.

We are devoted exclusively to Short Sales. All information will be treated with absolute confidentiality. We don’t judge you. We understand that anyone of us could be in this position.

Our goal is to de-mystify the short sale process in order to provide you with a clear understanding and resolve of your current dilemma. In short, we will help you navigate through the legal red tape and processing necessary to free you from any further obligation regarding your home.

It all starts with a click here for further information or a consultation. We are a licensed Real Estate Broker. There are never any upfront fees or charges. We earn our fee from the lender(s) involved in the transaction.

Throughout this website you will find information regarding every aspect of the short sale and all of the various government programs available to assist you. We will also feature the latest news regarding short sales and real estate in general. I urge you to take advantage of the information we have to offer.

Help is just a click away!

P.S. HAFA stands for Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative and HAMP is Home Affordable Modification Program. Just so you know.

Although the short sale has been around for as long as people have been buying and selling homes, most people believe that this is a very new phenomenon. Clearly, today’s market shift has thrust the short sale and foreclosure to the forefront of real estate transactions. This is a time for experience, patience and negotiating skills.  This is not something that is taught at real estate school rather, something that must be learned from practical experience. The problem for most Sellers caught in a short sale situation is finding the right agent to represent them.

THE SHORT SALE PROCESS is in constant flux and requires a steady commitment to its understanding and implementation. Although most of us know many real estate agents (many are family or friends), we should not be relying on these connections unless they are dedicated and experienced short sale specialists. In today’s market there are two kinds of agents, those that understand the financial and emotional complexities of a short sale and those who don’t! We have been trained to help the people that you know work through these challenging times.

STUDIO CITY SHORT SALE is just such a company. No rookies or nubies here. We are experienced practitioners focused on the Studio City area. We know our market, we understand the mechanisms and we have real world experience dealing with the numerous banks and financial institutions, each with their own guidelines and methodology.